Texas Apparatus Badly Damaged by Brush Fire

A Port Aransas brush truck was badly damaged by a brush fire on Mustang Island on Wednesday, according to KRIS-TV.

Crews responded to the fire at approximately 3 p.m. in a rural area west of Highway 361 near Beach Access Road 2.

Officials believe that they had the fire under control until the flames reached the brush truck that had broken down in the path of the fire.

The truck's crew was not injured and it was towed back to Port Aransas.

"We had a handle on it, but unfortunately one of the Port Aransas units broke down and was involved in the fire itself. So the units here had to help assist them, rescue their personnel," Corpus Christi Fire Marshal Andy Cardiel told the news station.

"It kind of took us away from our firefighting activities and that gave the fire some opportunity to gain some momentum."

The blaze burned more than 100 acres before it was contained.