Fla. Passersby Save 2 From Burning Lamborghini


Two good Samaritans rescued two people from a burning Lamborghini on the Dolphin Expressway on Friday, seconds before the car exploded.

The rollover crash occurred in the eastbound lanes of State Road 836, also known as the Dolphin Expressway, near Northwest 87th Avenue.

Good Samaritan Jonathan David said he saw the Lamborghini speeding east on the expressway early Friday morning before the crash. The Florida Highway Patrol said the driver lost control and crashed into a median.

"I just noticed the car was on fire, and I did what I had to do as a good Samaritan," David said. "I hesitated for a moment because the car was engulfed in flames, and I just pretty much (said), 'Well, the heck with it. Let's go ahead and get these guys out of here,' and that's what I did."

David and another good Samaritan pulled both victims out seconds before the car exploded.

The victims were rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital in critical condition. One had third-degree burns all over his body, and the other had severe brain damage.

"I hope they make it. If they make it, by the grace of God, at least I'll feel better," David said.

David's left hand is bandaged, and his arm is covered with nicks.

"That's from the glass. That's from snatching them out because they were stuck between the glass," said David.

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of the crash.

The eastbound Dolphin Expressway was shut down after the crash, but it has since reopened.

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