Ga. Dept. Probes Prank Shooting Filmed at Station

The Macon Bibb Fire Department is investigating a video posted on YouTube showing an apparent hoax shooting prank at one of its fire stations, according to WMAZ-TV.

Mayor's Spokesman Clay Murphey said the prank was reportedly staged on Sunday at Station 108 on Peake Road and that Fire Chief Marvin Riggins recognized several of the firefighters in the video.

The video entitled "MBCFD Rookie Prank" shows a masked man entering the firehouse and firefighters hitting the floor and shots are heard being fired.

The gunman grabs a firefighter off the floor and drags him across the room and off camera.

The end of the video lists the names of five people, who have been confirmed to be employees of the department.

Murphey said that Riggins saw the video for the first time on Monday morning before launching the investigation.