Pa. City Can't Afford to Pump Out Basements


Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson offered an alternative to Shipoke residents with flooded basements Monday.

Thompson said the city of Harrisburg cannot afford to pay firefighters overtime to pump out basements, but instead, said the Pennsylvania National Guard will help aid residents flooded with water.

More than 50 residents met with Thompson at the meeting.

In the past, firefighters pumped basement for residents to prevent basement walls in adjoining homes from collapsing.

Instead, the National Guard will bring six pumps on Tuesday to start assisting homeowners.

Some Shipoke residents cannot have their electricity restored until basements are dry and electrical systems inspected and approved.

News 8's team of reporters brings you stories from some of the hardest hit areas in the Susquehanna Valley, including Manheim, Marietta, Hershey, York and Harrisburg.

The flood is blamed for at least seven deaths in the Susquehanna Valley, but one person was still missing as of Monday, September 12.

News 8's Doug Allen compares the 2011 flooding to the worst floods in Susquehanna Valley history.

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