Nebraska Firefighters Talk About Close Call

OMAHA, Neb. --

Firefighters suspect someone deliberately set fire to a vacant Omaha home Sunday morning before 7.

One of the firefighters battling that blaze at Florence Street and Ames Avenue got stuck and another dove out a window.

"We went in, extinguished the fire on the first floor. After we extinguished the fire on the first floor, we knew we had fire on the second floor," firefighter Jerry Kleidosty said.

When a staircase inside gave way, firefighter Jason Boyd got stuck. Capt. James Stennis and firefighter Ron Brickell helped him out after a mayday call.

"It could have taken three or four minutes, but it seemed like it was a half an hour," Capt. Curt Ecklebe said.

Of the eight firefighters who were in the home, three had to climb or dive out of the windows to escape. But the large fire wasn't big enough to scare these firefighters off the job.

"We go, do our job, and it is what it is," Keidosty said.

They have to put up a fight no matter how big it is.

"The fact that we're all well-trained and we enjoy doing this job. I don't see any of us down here being the kind of guy to go, 'I've had enough. I'm out,'" Ecklebe said.

The firefighter who got stuck in the stairway was unable to speak with KETV NewsWatch 7 for this story. He's home recovering from a few injuries.

Officials still don't know who or what caused the fire.

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