N.M. Police Officers Pull Man From Burning Semi


Two officers pulled a driver out of a burning semitruck, and the rescue was caught on camera.

Dash camera video captured the moments when New Mexico State Police Officer Chris Stimpson risked his own life to save another. The driver of the semitruck was trapped inside his burning cab after crashing. The drivers legs were on fire and it was a race against time.

Stimpson, with the help of Motor Transportation Department Officer Rodney Bone, yanked the driver from the burning vehicle just in the nick of time.

We just got him out, then it went up, Stimpson said. Ive got two trailers on fire and we need as many fire people as soon as they can get out of here.

The crash happened at the port of entry in Quay County on Interstate 40. State police said the driver who crashed appeared not to realize that the semitrailer in front of him had slowed down.

The officers will be awarded the highest honor from state police, the Medal of Valor.

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