Six Ohio Firefighters Burned During Flashover

Six firefighters received first and second degree burned in a flashover while searching for the source of a house fire in Chester Township early Sunday morning, according to The Wilmington News Journal.

Four Chester Township firefighters and two Wilmington firefighters were on the second floor of a large house on Mills Road when the flashover occurred.

"We had just came up the stairs and were between the landing and two bedrooms," Chester Township Fire Chief Rich Erbaugh said. "We were trapped inside."

The chief called a mayday and used a handline to fight their way down the stairwell.

The firefighters received burns to their face, hands and neck.

Two other firefighters were taken to Clinton Memorial Hospital, one who suffered a concussion and bruised ribs in a fall and another who was treated for smoke inhalation.

Crews responded to the call at approximately 4:45 a.m. for a reported lightning strike at the home. Three people were inside of the home but were able to escape without injury.