Floor Collapses on Pa. Firefighters, No Injuries


Fire destroyed a landmark restaurant in Uniontown Monday morning.

Flames ripped through the Caddyshack Bar and Restaurant on Dixon Boulevard in South Union Township, a popular restaurant that has been in the community for decades.

The fire was caught on a cell phone camera by a teenager who was there just as firefighters were pulling up at around 5 a.m.

They got the ladder trucks and started getting water on top of the roof and that's when the roof fully caught on fire and caved in pretty much, said Michael Giachetti.

It took crews about two hours to get the fire under control. They fire chief said his firefighters faced several challenges.

It's difficult when the roof collapses on stuff and you can't get to it, then the floor collapsed into the basement and we can't get down there, said Vince Miscovich of the South Union Fire Department.

The fire chief said several fire fighters were in the basement when the floor collapsed but no one was hurt. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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