OnStar Works to Deliver Data to Responders

LAS VEGAS -- There's a lot of information that can be gleaned from OnStar reports that can help first responders decide what kinds of resources might be needed at crash sites.For instance, vehicles equipped with OnStar, an in-vehicle security...

"Having that many calls coming in daily would overwhelm dispatch centers and it would be an incredible waste of taxpayers' funds.”

OnStar can provide information about crashes that predict injuries and help decide the type of response required.

The company is working with other auto manufacturers to make sure there's common information to provide to responders so that different makes of cars don't provide different information, she said.

"We believe there needs to be standard reporting for it to be worthwhile information," she said.

Maher said OnStar is also working with NAEMT and other organizations to make sure the information the system has available is delivered in a meaningful way for EMS providers.

"This is not an exact science, but we believe it can provide data in real time that can help improve public safety," Maher said.