MCI Drill Showcases Vegas-Area Teamwork

LAS VEGAS -- The scene was surreal: a bus on its side with two heavily damaged vehicles smashed against it, one on its roof against a backdrop of the glitzy Las Vegas skyline, with several hundred spectators seated on bleachers watching the rescue...

In a debriefing after the event, Jenkins said he was pleased with the performance of all those involved and said it shows that the agencies in the greater Las Vegas area can, and do, work well together.

In an interview with EMS World Expo staff, Jenkins said pulling the MCI together was a lot of work, but it was worth it.

He said he was also pleased to be able to showcase the talents of those in the area.

"We had people, our peers really, from all over the world in the audience, looking and listening," Jenkins said. "And that was pretty cool."