After 3 Days, Texas Fire Victim's Remains Found


San Antonio Fire Fighters located the partial skeletal remains of a 6-year-old boy Saturday afternoon at the scene of a fire that left a Southeast side Apartment complex in ruins.

Search teams had spent three days sifting through huge piles of debris in one of the buildings that collapsed when a fast moving fire ripped through complex late Tuesday night.

"Earlier today we found the remains of a 6-year-old," San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood told reporters. "We do think it's Rudy, we have no reason not to think it is."

Hood said the remains were located in a breezeway just outside of the apartment Rudy shared with his mother Abby Garcia. Search teams had only been looking for the boy's remains in areas inside the unit but refocused the search after interviewing Garcia for a third time Saturday morning. Hood said the previous interviews were done when Garcia was under the influence of pain medications at Brook Army Medical Center where she is still recovering from her burn injuries.

"Her fiancé actually asked her the questions and she was just a little more able to give us information today so we turned that around and searched those areas and were able to find him," Hood said.

Rudy was autistic and had a tendency to hide or run when he became upset or scared. Search teams had been looking for his remains in bath tubs and behind furniture and other areas small children might hide in a fire. Hood said they pinpointed the area where his unit used to be but kept coming up empty handed everywhere they looked. They had decided to call off the search Friday night, believing the boy's remains may have been cremated in the intense flames.

Upon making the discovery, Hood called the family to the complex and told them the news in person. "As sad as this whole event has been for the family you could hear joy in their voice," Hood said. "It was very emotional when we actually gave them the news. We've grown pretty close to this family over the past few days so it was good to give them closure."

Now that the boys remains have been recovered the focus will shift to the investigation and trying to figure out what caused this massive blaze. Hood said if it turns out the fire is ruled arson and they find the person responsible they will likely face murder charges.

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