Fire Truck, Car Collide in Cincinnati


Four firefighters were sent to a hospital Wednesday morning as a precaution after a crash.

The fire engine was responding to a fire on Joseph Street in Bond Hill when witnesses said it lost control on Reading Road, then hit a telephone pole and a car.

Driver Tarah Lewis and two children in the car were not hurt.

"The way he slid, the pole probably saved her and her kids, by him hitting the pole," said witness Donald Milford. "It happened that fast, and real, real loud."

Capt. Michael Washington said three of the four firefighters were released by noon, and the fourth was released not long afterward.

The incident remains under investigation.

Fire Chief Marc Monahan said the crash didn't affect the fire fighting efforts.

"Engine 32 being in the accident didn't hinder it because we had the other ones released and responding over to here," Monahan said.

A lightning strike was believed to be the cause of the fire on the back porch of the home.

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