Pa. Firefighter Saves Boy From Steep Hillside


A firefighter in Fallowfield Township rescued a 6-year-old boy after he fell about 20 feet over a steep hillside while playing with a friend.

Danny Hudock told Channel 4 Action News' Shannon Perrine that he was playing badminton in the back yard with his best friend, London, when the birdie they were using went over a 40-foot hill.

"I tried to go get it and I slipped right down," said Hudock.

Fallowfield Volunteer Fire Department Chief Andrew Popellas and his wife were the first to arrive at the scene.

Fallowfield Volunteer Fire Department Chief Andrew Popellas

"He was hanging on (to it) like a grape vine or a jagger bush. My wife sort of calmed him down," said Popellas.

Popellas told Perrine he positioned himself underneath the boy in case he fell.

"I eventually made my way over and I put my arms up just to see if I could reach him, and as soon as he felt my arms, he let go, so I just snagged him," said Popellas.

Hudock's mother, Erica Gust, told Perrine that her son was hanging on for up to 15 minutes before Popellas could rescue him.

"He just jumped right down and scooped him up and then they went to the bottom of the tracks," said Gust.

Hudock had only a few cuts and bruises and did not have to go to the hospital.

When asked if hell go near the cliff again, Hudock shook his head 'no.'

Popellas said he was just doing what any parent would do for a child.

"I just did, hopefully, what anybody else would have done. I have a five year old myself," said Popellas.

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