Investigation of W.Va. Chief Concludes; No Action


Weirton city officials have released a statement saying disciplinary action will not be taken against the city's fire chief.

City officials met behind closed doors with Chief David Lashhorn for several hours on Thursday. After the meeting, city officials released a statement that said their investigation revealed that the chief had not threatened the safety of city firefighters.

The statement also said that about nine months ago, Lashhorn was engaged in casual conversation with two ambulance workers, which was recorded without his knowledge. The city said the comments made by Lashhorn do not warrant any disciplinary action.

Lashhorn said he was pleased about the city's decision.

The firefighter's union had a similar reaction. Teresa Toriseva, an attorney for the union, released a statement late Thursday afternoon.

"The Weirton Firefighter Union is pleased that this matter has been investigated. The Union is also satisfied with the overall outcome. In an effort for everyone to put this matter behind them and to allow the firefighters to focus on their job and the safety of the people of Weirton, we decline any further comment about the specifics," said Toriseva.

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