Fla. Firefighters Quell Spilled Molten Material


St. Johns County firefighters were called to an industrial fire at the Hydro Aluminum facility early Wednesday.

Workers at the facility in the 200 block of Riviera Boulevard, just south of St. Augustine Shores, reported heavy smoke coming from one of the furnace units inside building B, which is generally used to melt material for production, firefighters said.

Firefighters said that when they arrived, there was heavy smoke coming from some molten material that had spilled during the production process.

Employees at the facility had used several fire extinguishers to try to cool the material, but because of the extreme heat, their efforts were unsuccessful.

Firefighters said they used water to carefully cool the material and begin the cleanup process. The material was eventually cooled, and the smoke dissipated, firefighters said.

There were no injuries reported during the incident. The company is currently investigating the cause of the incident.

Initial damages have been estimated at $50,000.

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