Honolulu Bomb Squad to Burn Illegal Fireworks


The department of Health has issued an emergency permit to allow the police department to burn the fireworks turned in under an amnesty program.

The permit which was issued on July 22, is good for 90 days. Police spokeswoman Michelle Yu said it is likely that the fireworks will be destroyed in small batches.

She could not say when the process would start. The last time the police burned fireworks was at its training academy in Waipahu ten years ago.

The Honolulu Fire Department recently collected 16,000 pounds of fireworks in an effort to get the explosive material out of people’s homes or warehouses.

A ban on consumer fireworks went into effect on Oahu at the beginning of the year.

Three months later five workers of Donaldson Enterprises were killed while trying to destroy illegal fireworks while working in a Waikele bunker.

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