N.M. Recycling Plant Fire Causes Health Concerns


A fire at a South Valley recycling plant in Bernalillo County has some residents worried about potentially dangerous fumes wafting from the plant.

Fire crews said the fire at the Albuquerque Metals Recycling plant on Second Street broke out at about 5:30 p.m. Monday.

Officials said a pile of foam and scrap metal caught fire, spreading to plenty of other sources of fuel inside the plant.

Firefighters said it's tough to know what exactly is on fire at the plant and that's why the fire is still burning.

The thick cloud of black smoke rising from the plant has nearby homeowners concerned.

Bernalillo County fire crews got some extra help from Valencia County to bring the fire under control.

Officials said there isn't much they can do about the smoke, but county workers did issue a health alert.

Rescue workers said anyone with respiratory issues who lives nearby should try to find another place to stay for the night. There are no mandatory evacuations.

Firefighters also said anyone with swamp coolers in the area should leave those off and close their windows.

The fire department said Second Street between Rio Bravo and Woodward will be closed until at least noon Tuesday.

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