Electric Car Safety Tips Shared at Firehouse Expo

Not all the training at Firehouse Expo in Baltimore was in the conference room. In fact, there was plenty of learning happening on the exhibit floor as well. One of the classes on the trade show floor was about electric plug-in cars and hazards they...

Doors, hinges and latches remain the same as other vehicles on the road today, so popping a door for patient extrication shouldn’t be any difficulty, Moore said.

In concluding his presentation, Moore offered the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) training program and web site as a resource to learn more about electric vehicles and hybrids.

Using money from a federal grant, NFPA has developed response plans and training for the increasingly popular electric vehicles on the road today, Moore said.

“I would encourage you to go visit them or go their web site,” Moore said.

The training can be found at www.evsafetytraining.org.