Crews Battle Heat During Expo HOT Exercises

BALTIMORE, MD - Proper hydration was the order of the day at hands-on training (HOT) conducted in conjunction with Firehouse Expo 2011 on Tuesday.

Instructors kept a close eye on firefighters, and EMS crews were on hand at all sites. As soon as the crews emerged from an evolution, they headed for a bottle of water or Gatorade.

Rehab personnel were on hand to take vitals as well.

Safety officers from Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Anne Arundel fire training facilities kept abreast of the rising temperatures and the heat index.

By mid-afternoon, the training was halted to protect the firefighters, officials said.

The calls were made at the different sites as the heat index continued climbing.

The majority of the courses were at capacity. The crews included volunteers and career firefighters.

Among the evolutions included RIT, truck and engine ops, search and rescue, flashover scenarios, firefighter survival and TIC training. They also learned fire behavior.

The HOT training as well as pre-conference classes on a myriad of topics continue Wednesday.