W. Va. Fire Chief Under Fire for Alleged Threats


Weirton firefighters are asking the city to suspend, and ultimately fire, their chief because of alleged threats of murder-suicide.

The firefighters union issued a vote of zero confidence and have filed court documents to get a copy of an audio tape that their attorney says proves those threats.

The attorney for the union, Teresa Toriseva, said this is an issue of firefighters' and public safety. Toriseva said the firefighters local union 948 is taking the threats very seriously.

A complaint was filed in Hancock County court on Monday saying that the "Weirton Area Ambulance and Rescue Squad has a tape recording from a 911 call regarding an incident wherein the Weirton Fire Chief, Dave Lashorn threatened to 'kill himself and 20 others...'"

Toriseva said there are 20 Weirton firefighters.

Weirton firefighters said they have a right to that tape "due to the public safety threat, namely to the safety of other firefighters under the control and guidance of the Weirton fire chief.

"We believe that this conduct, terroristic type threats of mass murder and suicide, are never a joke. They're never funny in a post 9-11 era," Toriseva explained.

Toriseva said work is being done to get the tape and provide copies for the city.

NEWS9 did speak with the fire chief who said he doesn't want to start a fight in the media.

Weirton's attorney, Vince Gurrera, also told us he has not seen the video and will not comment on it. The city is aware of the firefighters' vote of no confidence and it is investigating the matter.

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