Oklahoma Volunteer Firefighters Fired Amid Feud


Volunteers with the Cashion Fire Department learned they were fired Monday night.

Last month, the city council fired Chantz Robinson, the fire chief, and told 15 volunteers to turn their in their gear.

Council members said they dont want to pay the chief, saying that most towns their size have volunteer chiefs only.

The decision was made late Monday night to eliminate all the volunteer positions.

Monday night, the board explained they fired the chief for removing furniture from the fire department, failing to fill out a timesheet and taking vacations on paid time.

The ex-chiefs lawyer attended the meeting and defended the chief by saying the furniture belongs to the fire union, Robinson didnt realize he had to fill out a timesheet and said Chantz had approval to take the vacations.

All volunteers said they are furious about the decision.

The citizens of Cashion are the ones who will suffer, said Ronnie Jech, a fired volunteer.

The board hired eight new firefighters and a chief and told residents that Cashion is covered.

However, many residents said they are frustrated with the board and confused by the situation.

Robinson said he plans to sue the board for terminating him.

Residents are collecting signatures to bring to the district attorney to launch a criminal investigation into the board.

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