Pa. Firefighters, EMS, Treated for CO Exposure


County officials said two residents of a house in Springdale Borough reported feeling light-headed and dizzy.

An elderly man and his mother live in the 400 block of Chestnut Street. The son visited a local hospital to get checked out.

The hospital determined that the man had carbon monoxide poisoning.

Upon learning this news, he called 911 to report the problem and have his mother taken to a hospital too.

Emergency personnel responded to investigate and, while in the house, began to feel sick themselves.

Five people, two firefighters, two medics and a resident of the house were taken to a hospital for treatment.

They were not in the house long enough to be affected by the carbon monoxide, so they suspected a second type of gas may be responsible.

A Hazmat crew is working to identify the source and control the situation.

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