Pa. Fire Prompts Jumps, Hurts 15 Firefighters


A dramatic fire rescue occurred on 6th Street in Glassport Sunday.

People tossed animals to safety, then jumped from the burning home.

It was a tough fire for the people inside the building to escape and for firefighters to battle in the heat.

Several firefighters were hurt duing the fire. One fell through the second floor after the fire was almost out. 15 firefighters were treated altogether.

Several people who were inside the house had to jump out of second floor window.

Tonya Fisher's worst fear had come true. She was trapped in a burning home with her children.

She had no choice but to push an air conditioner out of a second floor window and throw her kids to the ground where someone was waiting to catch them.

Fisher said, "My one son went down first. I grabbed him by his arms and put him down and they caught him. I grabbed my other son by his arms because he was scared and I don't blame him. I dropped him by his arms and they caught him."

Witnesses said that children playing with fireworks on the porch may have started the blaze.

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