N.C. Fire Department Placed on Probation


The Walnut Cove Volunteer Fire Department didn't send enough firefighters on 17 fire calls over the past year, North Carolina Department of Insurance spokesman Kerry Hall told WXII.

Hall said the department was placed on probation for one year while the DOI confirms that the department is meeting state standards.

Those standards require that departments send at least four members and one engine to all calls.

Hall said the probation period wouldn't affect how much Walnut Cove residents are required to pay for homeowners insurance.

He also said that if the department doesn't correct the situation, its status as an officially recognized fire department would be revoked.

Walnut Cove Town Manager Homer Dearman said 16 of the calls in question happened before current Fire Chief Bradley Alley took over in December 2010. He said the situation at the department has improved since then.

The department currently has 28 volunteer firefighters and six junior firefighters, Dearman said.

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