Okla. Town Dismisses All Members of Vol. Dept.

CASHION, Okla. --

Families in Cashion are kicking off the Fourth of July with fireworks, but they're also fired up to know why 17 of the town's volunteer firefighters were dismissed right before the holiday weekend.

"(Thursday) night, they asked us to turn in our keys and our pagers, told me to leave my truck at the station. They had a locksmith at the station as soon as the meeting was over," said former fire chief Chantz Robinson, referring to the Thursday night decision.

Robinson said he has no idea why he and the others were let go.

"It's obvious some personal agendas are coming out now," he said. "No, it was not a financial decision."

Eyewitness News 5 talked with Cashion residents, who said they've heard the talk around town.

"Nobody really knows what's going on," said Breanna Nunley.

"We're in a really bad drought here. We're really worried about it. We've got cattle, families and homes," said Ken Johnson.

Eyewitness News 5 went to City Hall before 4 p.m. Friday for answers, and the doors were locked.

Mayor Freddie Baker said she shut down the city because officials were tired of reporters questioning them.

Nevertheless, residents still have questions.

"We own a candle shop, and if there happens to be a fire, how are they going to get to us? When are they going to get to us?" asked Nunley.

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