Fireworks Starts Texas Grass Fire, 2 Homes Burn

HOWE, Okla. --

The Leflore County Emergency manager said a large grass fire is burning out of control off of Texas Road near West Maple Street in Howe, Okla. Firefighters said fireworks sparked the fire.

Hawke Ashford and his younger brother were at home launching fireworks in their front yard when one accidentally tipped over.

"When he stuck it in the ground, it fell and shot off it the bushes. I tried to get water to put out the fire but it spread so quick," said Ashford.

One home was burned to the ground. A trailer home nearby had damage to the exterior and smoke damage inside.

Ashford's mom pulled up to the scene when her boys were fighting off the flames.

"I pulled up and the boys were fighting the fire by themselves. They had the water hose and they were filling buckets up to keep the fire from getting to our home. I continued to help them once I got here and the howe police department showed up. The boys were in a state of shock but fighting it as hard as they could. They didn't want their momma to lose their home," said Michelle Ashford.

A blanket of smoke and rising temperatures made it hard for crews to put out the flames.

"The heat is a big factor. Not only are we catching the heat off the fire but these hundred degree days but the heat just gets to everybody," said Trent Sewell of the Howe Fire Department.

Two firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion.

Three fire departments responded to the grass fire.

Crews have confined the burning the burning debris to one area and said they will continue to monitor it throughout the night.

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