Round 5 Fire Prevention/Safety Grants Out

Round Five of Fire Prevention/Safety Grants were announced today by DHS.

The money is headed to fire departments as well as organizations that focus on fire prevention and safety measures.

The grants are awarded to fire departments and other eligible organizations to reduce losses from fire and fire-related hazards. Grant projects focus on preventing fire-related injuries to children, seniors, firefighters and other high-risk groups.

The grant program also supports innovative fire prevention solutions and research on improving firefighter health and safety. The grant program awards support projects in two categories:

* Fire prevention and safety, such as public education, arson prevention/awareness, code enforcement/awareness, wildfire prevention/education, juvenile fire setter intervention, burn prevention, media/PR campaigns, sprinkler awareness, or smoke alarm distribution.

* Firefighter safety research and development, such as data collection and analysis projects; sociological projects and problem-focused technology studies that address firefighter safety, wellness, fitness or health.

The Fire Prevention and Safety grants are part of AFG, a competitive program administered by the DHS Office of Grants and Training that awards one-year grants directly to fire departments nationwide in an effort to give every department the basic tools needed to respond to all hazards.