Video: Chinese Crew Gets Creative to Save Boy

Chinese firefighters got creative during the rescue of a young boy who became stuck in a narrow gap between two walls Saturday morning.

A crew in the Jiajie Village of Taiyuan City in the Shanxi province were able to eventually free 5-year-old Xiao Yu by using a heavy-duty inflatable air mattress, according to CCTV.

The firefighters responded to the call after residents called for help Yu, who tried to make his way through the path for fun when he became stuck.

The gap was only about eight inches wide where the boy was stuck, but was wider on the other end in the pathway that stretched for about 30 feet.

The CCTV report translates what is said in a video of the rescue.

One firefighter is heard saying: "We should inflate the mattress slowly, instead of widening the gap too fast. Slow down, boy, don’t look at me. Listen to what uncle tells you. When you are told to back off, you must do it slowly, don’t go forward."

The young boy answers back, "I cannot back off any more, uncle."

"Not now," the firefighter responds.

At that point the responds spray lube oil on both sides of the boy's body to protect him from scratches and continue their efforts.

After about a half-hour, the gap begins to widen enough for the boy to move his head.

"Great, son. You're so great, my son. Right, back off, and come to mum," his mother is heard saying.

The firefighters assist the boy the rest of the way out of the gap and to safety.