Fla. Firefighters Accused of Road Rage File Appeal


Road rage caught on camera cost one Orange County firefighter his job and another his rank. But Friday, they both filed appeals, one to get his job back, the other his rank back, because they say they did nothing wrong.

WFTV broke this story last week and today we found some people supported these two firefighters.

Orange County firefighter David Jordan and former lieutenant Thomas Veal said the driver in front of them failed to yield the right of way, on their way to emergency call last month.

Veal was so angry he flipped off the driver. Then Jordan appeared to intentionally cut off that car causing them to swerve to avoid a crash.

“I know if I did anything as a teacher, we're pretty much done. We are accountable for everything we do,” said Richard Marshall, Orange County resident.

After 22-years, Jordan was fired and lost a $60,000 salary. Veal, an eight year veteran, was demoted and now makes $43,000 a year instead of 53.

The firefighters said what the video doesn't show is that the driver pulled out in front of them from a shopping center. The chief said that's no excuse for their behavior.

WFTV could not reach the firefighters, but the union president said in a statement "a full investigation did not take place and that actions taken are inconsistent with fire rescue personnel policies and practices."

The firemen get at least two hearings to appeal their demotion. If the discipline isn't overturned, the union can ask for an independent arbitrator which could take a year.

“Everybody, when they hear the siren on, the siren is on and everybody should be on the right side and stop,” said Gene Nasar.

Union officials said, if nothing else, the video should remind drivers why it's important to move over.

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