Colo. Firefighters Tweet About Kitten Rescue


Firefighters in Colorado Springs rescued a small kitten from a tree on Monday.

"CSFD working to rescue a cat from a tree at 312 Cimmaron," said a tweet from the Colorado Springs Fire Department just before noon.

They were called out by a community group that was meeting at the house next door to the kitten's owners.

CSFD Truck 1 brought out a 28-foot ladder and a firefighter went up, according to Sunny Smaldino, spokesperson for the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

The firefighter spent a few minutes coaxing the scared, crying kitten to come towards him, Smaldino said.

When the kitten got close enough, the firefighter grabbed the kitten, Smaldino said.

"It's not very often we save kittens from trees, they normally come down on their own," Smaldino said.

The kitten's owners were not home when the kitten climbed tree, but they had left a window open, so firefighters put the kitten back in the house through the open window, Smaldino said.

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