Florida Wildfire Continues to Threaten Homes

OSTEEN, Fla. --

Some rain did fall, on a destructive Volusia County wildfire, but not enough to put it out on Tuesday night.

In all, three homes were lost, 38 hunting camps, 10 buildings, and seven vehicles off of Ila road. Only the chimney of one house was standing among a pile of block and steel officials said.

Firefighters evacuated homes along Maytown and Saylor Roads near Osteen on Tuesday night.

Crews have been working around the clock to keep the flames from destroying even more property.

The fire has already scorched 1,200 acres, including several homes near Osteen. Some homeowners there were forced to evacuate.

“Well I have animals back there and they're in pens and they may get burned up. That's horrific,” said Shirley Saylor.

"Hopefully it didn't reach the house, everything is there. I have only what I have on," said Katie Wise.

The Division of Forestry and firefighters from Brevard and Volusia counties are continuing to battle the blaze.

“It's not good my parents are down there right now. I cant get in contact with them or anything,” said Nathan Furdel.

Most of the land belongs to a Miami incorporated tree farm and WFTV was told most of the buildings burned are hunting camps.

"We just continue to battle this all night long. We have units on the scene if any more structures get endangered," said Volusia County Fire Chief Joe Pozzo.

Laura Vargas is in disbelief to see her father’s home burnt to the ground as it sat right in the path of flames on Saylor Road.

"He got a phone call, he's at a doctor's appointment and he got a phone call that everything was lost,” said Vargas.

The fire didn't take everything. Only feet from where it destroyed a home on Saylor Road, the fire didn't touch a mobile home or anything in its yard.

On Tuesday, the fight is on to stop the fire but there is zero moisture, gusty winds, and hardly any rain.

"All of those weather factors contribute to the fire burning vigorously and throwing burning material into the air," said fire crews.

Officials said the fire has changed directions at least twice. On Tuesday night, they are unsure how far the fire will go and they will continue to fight the flames.

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