Two Florida Firefighters Accused of Road Rage

ORLANDO, Fla. --

A local firefighter was fired and another has been demoted in connection with a road rage incident in Orange County.

Fire officials said a video was released showing Orange County firefighter David Jordan driving a 15-ton truck and tailgating a car whose driver wouldn't move over. Investigators said Jordan nearly hits the car several times, even though he has room to go around the car.

Fire officials said the fire truck hit a curb after nearly hitting the car, which could have caused a crash and injured or killed the four firefighters on board and people nearby.

Jordan's boss, Lt. Thomas Veal, was seated on the passenger side and was not wearing a seat belt, fire officials said.

"I don't know what the actual road rage definition is, but would I say it's overly aggressive? Yes. We're not going to tolerate that here," said Orange County Fire and Rescue Division Chief Brian Morrow. "(They're) very, very lucky (it was) a near miss. They didn't roll the truck and they never would have made it to the call."

Morrow said Jordan has been fired while Veal has been demoted to firefighter.

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