13 N.J. Firefighters Hurt Battling Three-Alarmer

A Jersey City firefighter had to be carried down four flights of steps after collapsing from apparent heat stroke and 12 of his colleagues were hospitalized after battling a three-alarm blaze on Memorial Day, according to The Jersey Journal.

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Firefighter Darren Rivers Jr. -- the chief's son -- was picked up by two firefighters and carried down to the street.

"Everybody started working on him," Fire Director Armando Roman told the newspaper. "It was a frantic scene."

Most of the firefighters were overcome by heat exhaustion while one sustained first- and second-degree burns and another suffered a back injury.

They were all released from Jersey City Medical Center Monday night.

Crews responded to the apartment fire at 37 Harmon Street at approximately 3:30 p.m.

Firefighters helped evacuated residents, including a woman in a wheelchair.