Conn. Pilot Rescued From Aircraft Stuck in Tree


A pilot was safely rescued after his Ultralight aircraft got stuck in a tree in East Windsor on Wednesday afternoon.

The pilot's landed in a tree about 100 feet above ground in the woods, which caused an unexpected turn of events in the quiet community in the Broad Brook section of East Windsor.

A neighbor said he heard the planes noise, then heard nothing. He called 911.

Fire officials said the pilot was trying to take off from a nearby airport when he lost power, and ended up in a tree. The pilot helped give his rescuers directions.

Chief James Barton with the Warehouse Point Fire Department said the pilot started climbing down the tree before rescuers came.

A special operations team from Enfield climbed a rope, got the pilot, and brought him safely back to ground. At some point during the rescue, fire officials called in an arborist to climb the tree get the pilot down.

The pilot was not hurt and refused treatment.

The last time something like this happened was about two years ago, according to fire officials. But that time it took a bit longer to rescue the trapped pilot.

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