Ky. Chief Says Seat Belts Saved Firefighters' Lives

"Both of my members were belted in the apparatus, which i really believe saved their lives," Fire Chief Brent Davidson told WKYT-TV. "Otherwise they would have definitely went through the windshield. It was really potentially a very bad situation."

Deputy Fire Chief Mike Sizemore and Firefighter Kendall Osborne were responding to a fire in Laurel County when bad weather caused them to go off the road and careen down an embankment.

The two men were transported to St. Joseph London Hospital with minor injuries and have since been released.

Despite what they first thought, Davidson said the damage to the apparatus appears to be minimal.

"When it came to a rest it looked bad, but after we got it out everything looks good. The truck's still in service, we were very fortunate," he said. "The Lord was on our shoulders."