Phoenix Paramedics Injured in Ambulance Crash


Three Phoenix fire paramedics were injured when their ambulance was hit by a car while driving a patient to the hospital.

According to Phoenix Fire Capt. Tony Mure, fire paramedics were transporting a man who electrocuted himself while working on a roof air conditioner.

"They quickly started treating the patient and used a series of ground ladders to get him to the ground and continued to do chest compressions and CPR," Mure said.

The hard part was over, but the danger wasn't.

The ambulance with a crew of five traveled to Phoenix Baptist Hospital with lights and sirens blaring, but just as they turned left into the emergency room entrance, a Toyota Camry failed to yield.

"They were t-boned and hit by a car going Westbound, which hit the back passenger side corner of the ambulance; that threw everybody in the back of the ambulance around because they were actively doing chest compressions, maintaining airways," Mure said.

One of the three fire fighters injured will require a cat scan for a head injury, Mure said.

Mure said the patient in his 30s did not survive, but appears to have died from the electrocution and not the accident.

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