Fla. Crews Use Extrication Tools to Rescue Ducks


Brevard County fire officials responded at a home at 55 Hatfield Avenue at 9:13 Sunday morning after the resident noticed a mother duck acting strangely outside.

Angeles Burnham, who lived in the home, called the fire department hoping they could help.

I saw the mother duck running back and forth across the road and always returning to the storm drain, Burnham said. I didnt know who else to call so I called the fire department.

Crews arrived and saw five ducklings at the bottom of a storm drain.

Firefighters started working on a plan to rescue them from the drain.

The grates were set in concrete which created a bit of a problem, District Chief William Burns said. We were forced to use the Jaws of Life to lift the grate before we could reach them.

Because of the potential for damage to the storm drains, representatives from Brevard County Road and Bridge were called to the scene, but were not needed.

It took firefighters about two hours to remove the grate and reunite the family.

Originally we only saw five ducks, Burns said. As we started pulling them out, more started appearing and we ended up rescuing eight ducklings.

Once reunited, the family of ducks waddled away to enjoy their Mother's Day together.

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