Mold Found in 33 Fire Stations in Nashville


Nashville firefighters union President Gary Moore told Channel 4 News there is very little firefighters can do to protect themselves from mold found in all but four Nashville fire stations.

"There's not a whole lot they can do until the problems are alleviated. They have to endure the problem," said Moore.

Moore, president of the International Association Of Firefighters Local 140, decided to test all 37 fire stations with home test kits after a firefighter at Station 24 was diagnosed by his doctor with respiratory problems related to mold.

"It started the ball rolling. I think the perception was that we had a problem, but it was a minor problem. Now we know it's a pretty substantial problem," said Moore.

The results were handed over to Nashville Fire Chief Stephen Halford. He ordered a mold assessment at all fire stations at a cost of $44,000. Department public information officer Kim Lawson said the department's first concern is the safety of its employees.

"We obviously want to mitigate any problems that are found, and we know this information will be accurate. It's a little bit better than a home test kit," said Lawson.

It could take weeks before the mold assessment is completed. In the meantime, the firefighters union is asking its rank and file to use caution.

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