Fla. Man Saved From House Fire by Elderly Woman


An Orlando man is alive thanks to an elderly woman who saved him from a house fire.

It all happened at a home on Darnanelle Drive in west Orange County.

The homeowner was sound asleep when his house burst into flames on Sunday.

The man said he was awakened by an elderly woman pounding on his door. The woman, who he had never seen before, told him that flames were pouring out of his garage.

Officials said the woman probably saved his life because there was no working smoke detector in the house.

"Ma'am I appreciate you and I thank you very much for saving my life, and that's what she did," said Jacob Skinner. "God must have sent her by here today, because I was hard down asleep. She gone, just vanished."

Firefighters were able to put out the flames, but a building inspector still has to determine if the house can be saved.

Firefighters handed out alarms to anyone in the neighborhood who needed one.

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