Fire Hits Texas Emergency Services Building

JAMAICA BEACH, Galveston --

A fire damaged part of Jamaica Beach's City Hall building Saturday night.

Two alert city police officers spotted flames shooting from the roof of the building located in 16000 block of Termini San Luis Pass Road in Galveston. While sounding the alarm to their dispatcher, they quickly alerted two emergency medical technicians inside the building to evacuate.

Lt. Steve Hubbell said officers Jeramiah Sauceda and Jamie Benham were on routine patrol when they passed by the City Hall complex, which includes the police, fire and emergency medical service facilities. Knowing the two medics were in their quarters on the opposite end of the building, and believing they may be asleep, the officers rushed to notify them of the fire.

Firefighters from Galveston and Jamaica Beach had the fire under control in short order. Dozens of spectators watched the blaze from nearby porches and lined the streets behind police lines.

Hubbell said the fire was likely the result of a power surge. Jamaica Beach has been experiencing blackouts over the last three days. Parts of the city were without power earlier Saturday.

The fire is under investigation.

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