Fire Rips Through Colo. Mobile Home, 5 Hurt


Just before 7 a.m. Saturday morning, Federal Heights firefighters responded to a house fire in unit 443 at 2000 West 92nd Avenue. Fire crews arriving on scene found flames shooting from the home. Federal Heights Fire Captain Shawn Ellis said the fire was caused by someone in the home smoking while using an oxygen tank.

Ellis said two people had to be rescued from the home. One was found on the back porch; another had to be pulled from inside. Both victims were sent to an area hospital in critical condition.

"It was working pretty good," said Dustin Vornholt, the firefighter that first found the man, despite zero visibility. "Just kind of swept my hand out, felt the victim's leg and we were able to pull the victim out. Couldn't see at all."

The couple's grandson told 7NEWS he was happy that firefighters took such a risk to save his relatives.

"(They're) Brave. I probably wouldn't be going into a burning mobile home," Alex Hession said.

When told firefighters believe one of his grandparents was smoking while using an oxygen tank, considered extremely dangerous, Hession said, "Not really surprised. That was really one of my only memories when we were here as a kid is just smoke everywhere."

Tom and Mary Hession are in critical but stable condition at the University of Colorado hospital in Aurora.

Three Federal Heights police officers were also taken by ambulance, but were later released.

Crews from Westminster Fire and Thornton Fire helped battle the blaze.


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