Pa. Public Safety Building Fails Inspection


The Department of Labor and Industry told WJAC-TV the public safety building in Johnstown has failed its compliance inspection.

Inspectors went into the building on April 20 and will now give the city 30 days from the time they receive notice to fix the problem.

Inspectors said problems include mold and unsanitary conditions.

Public works officials haven't received the newest complaint.

WJAC-TV tried to contact city officials to ask about repairs, costs and building options, but a return called hasn't been received.

Employees inside the building include city employees, firefighters and police.

Fraternal Order of Police President Andy Litvin said they just want this problem fixed in a timely manner.

Litvin said the problem is the city doesn't have money to fix it and it's not practical to remove a public works employee from their other duties.

Another inspection was done in April by Advanced Building Design after a complaint.

The complaint included cracked floors, prison cells issues, electrical and a problem with the existing fire alarm system.

The building code official gave the city until May 19 to fix these issues.

Johnstown Public Safety Building Failed Compliance Inspection

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