Ariz. Crews Respond to 'Major Bee Assignment'


Firefighters and bee experts are working what they call a "major bee assignment" right now in northwest Phoenix.

Phoenix Fire captain Tony Mure told CBS 5 News the call began with one man receiving multiple bee stings shortly after 6:30 p.m. Soon, however, several more residents near 43rd Avenue and Greenway Road had called 911 to report that they, too, had been stung.

One person was transported to a nearby hospital, Mure said.

When firefighters learned of the growing number of sting victims, which includes dogs and horses, they called for more crews to help with the assignment. They also called a bee expert to deal with the large hive.

"This is a major bee assignment," said Mure.

Michael Skoriuchow lives a block away from the hive. He said he came home Wednesday evening to find his two dogs, a Labrador mix and a Cocker Spaniel, had been attacked by bees and did not survive.

I have two small children. Im glad that they didnt get stung, said Skoriuchow. But I lost two of my little friends.

Firefighters on scene said there was a huge swarm of bees in the street, and quite a few of them were stung while trying to destroy the hive and protect citizens.

Residents in the area were warned to stay indoors until fire teams cleared the scene.

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