Ohio Firefighters Get Partial, Voided Paychecks


After a last-minute budget deal allowed the city of Norwood to pay workers, firefighters said they got paychecks Friday -- but at least one was stamped "void."

City officials weren't sure Thursday if the late agreement would allow city employees to be paid as scheduled on Friday.

Firefighters got checks Friday, but Capt. George Schneider's check had an extra message.

"I got one that says 'void.' I'm not sure about that," he said.

Most of the other firefighters got at least partial paychecks, Schneider said.

Meanwhile, a radio station brought food for the firefighters on Friday afternoon.

"They were worried that we weren't going to eat," Schneider said. "Things haven't quite got that bad yet."

But Schneider said the support from the community is touching and appreciated.

"(One man said,) 'Captain, here's $20 to go buy your guys a pizza.' I mean really, that's very touching that someone would think that highly of us and be worried about us," he said.

Firefighter and police unions are still working out contracts with the city.

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