Ariz. Firefighters Cap Large Blaze at Tire Plant

MARICOPA, Ariz. --

A large tire fire is burning at AZ Rubber Recycling. Fire crews are on scene with Karey Environmental Services and Pinal County Air Quality Control.

Fire investigators reported that the tire pile covers about 10,000 square feet and is fully involved in fire. Fire crews are protecting the area and have contained the fire to the pile. Karey Environmental Services is actively working on "capping" the fire with soil.

Tire fires are very hazardous due to the petroleum products in the tires; as they burn the release know cancer-causing particulates. Fire fighters do not use water on these fires to help prevent oil released from the burning tires from contaminating ground water.

Reports said there are no current life hazards to residents of the city. Pinal County Air Quality Control is actively monitoring the air. Any hazards found will be reported and residents notified.

This is the location of another large tire fire that occurred in 2007. That fire burned for one week and sent a column of smoke 25,000 feet in the air.

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