Colorado Firefighters Rescue Two From Blaze


Firefighters rescued two people trapped in a third-floor unit by an apartment building fire in Adams County on Sunday morning, authorities said.

A grandmother and her two grandchildren escaped from ground-floor unit 102, where the fire started about 8 a.m. Sunday in the apartment building at 7141 Samuel Drive, said Lt. Clinton Garner of Southwest Adams County Fire Rescue.

Arriving firefighters found heat and smoke from the first-floor unit was funneling up an exterior stairwell, trapping two adults in a third-floor unit, Garner said.

Firefighters scrambled up a 35-foot ladder and rescued the two people from the window of the apartment, he said. The two people were transported for treatment of smoke inhalation.

There were no major injuries, he said.

The apartment building is a concrete structure, so the fire was contained to unit 102, which was gutted, Garner said.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The Mile High Chapter of the American Red Cross said it provided an adult from the burned unit with lodging, food and clothing. A neighboring resident whose unit suffered smoke damage was also provided with lodging.

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