Retired Capt's Name Will be on 9/11 Memorial

New York City has agreed to list the name of a retired FDNY firefighter killed on 9/11 next to the names of fallen first responders on the memorial wall set to be unveiled in September, according to The Daily News.

The decision to place Capt. James Corrigan's name next to members of Ladder 10 in the fire department's section of the wall comes after a settlement reached by his widow, Marie, and the city.

"We are extremely happy that Jim will be properly memorialized at the site of his sacrifice," Marrie Corrigan told the newspaper. "Jim's name will be permanently etched on the WTC Memorial with the FDNY, where it belongs."

Corrigan retired from the FDNY in 1994 and was working as a life safety coordinator with Silverstein Properties when he died helping firefighters evacuate a day care center in the twin towers.

On July 26 last year, a judge sided with Marrie Corrigan, ruling there's "no rational basis" for keeping him name from appearing alongside firefighters on the memorial.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, however, vowed to fight the decision days after it was made.

"The Fire Department has a reasonable decision they made a long time ago," he said. "You had to have been an on-duty fireman, an active firefighter or officer, to be included."

The lawsuit was settled two month later, according to the Daily News.

"We feel that the settlement was in the best interests of everyone, and we hope it provides some closure for Capt. Corrigan's family," city spokeswoman Kate O'Brien Ahlers told the newspaper.