19 Pets Rescued From Ohio Veterinary Clinic Fire


All but one of the animals trapped inside a burning veterinary clinic survived Thursday morning.

Nineteen of the 20 animals were rescued after firefighters worked quickly to get the blaze at Zunic Veterinary Clinic in Springfield under control.

“I was panicked for the animals,” said Dr. Vicki Zunic, who runs the clinic, “because I know what smoke inhalations can do.”

Once removed from the burning building, the animals were given oxygen and all but one recovered. Fifteen cats and five dogs were saved, but one dog died.

Officials said the animals breathed in a lot of smoke, but after a quick visit with the vet, many of them seemed fine.

People who showed up to help, said the scene was an extremely stressful situation because there were so many animals that needed them quickly.

Firefighters requested a representative of the state fire marshal’s office to assist in determining the cause of the fire at the clinic, which is located at 2200 West First St.

Mutual aid was called from Springfield City firefighters. The flames were brought under control in about 30 minutes.

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