New Hampshire Firefighter Tips Police to Burglary


Hooksett police said they arrested a local man last Tuesday about 10 minutes after he broke in and stole antique guns displayed in an iconic country store.

Police said their quick response was due to a firefighter who called them after spotting a man with a crowbar breaking in into Robie's Deli and Country Store.

When an alarm went off not long after closing time, Robie's owner David Chouinard said he knew immediately what the burglar would be after.

Chouinard said an antique shotgun, two swords and six pistols -- historic items from the 19th and early 20th century worth thousands of dollars -- were displayed in his store as memorabilia.

"Almost every day I have people asking me, 'Are you selling them, are you selling them,'" Chouinard said.

Officers said the firefighter provided a description of the man's car and license plate, which led to a vehicle stop in Bow.

Police said they arrested 58-year-old Peter Desbiens, of Northwood, and charged him with felony burglary. Chouinard said Desbiens was a regular at Robie's and had asked frequently about the guns.

Officers recovered the antique weapons stolen from Robie's, and Chouinard said he was very grateful for their fast response.

“I couldn't ask for better neighbors (firefighters). Same with Hooksett police, they were great,” Chouinard said.

The proprietors of Robie's said they've already had their firefighter friends over to express their thanks.

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