Bullet Narrowly Misses Sleeping N.C. Firefighter

A Raleigh firefighter had a close call when a stray bullet went through a fire station and narrowly missed him while he was sleeping early Thursday morning, according to The News & Observer.

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Gunfire erupted outside a bingo parlor in the 2600 block of South Saunders Street and traveled several hundred feet before going through a window ledge of Fire Station No. 2 and into its sleeping quarters.

The bullet traveled close to six inches above the body of Firefighter Will Smith, went through a partition and over an empty bed before it hit a cinder block wall and fell to the floor.

"It was indeed something of a close call," Assistant Fire Chief Rusty Styons told the newspaper. "It was just a number of inches above the head of a firefighter."

Smith and another firefighter were the only two in the sleeping quarters when the incident occurred.

They initially thought a transformer had exploded before observing the bullet holes and quickly realized what had happened.

Raleigh police arrested Tristian Dangela Todd, who allegedly fired a silver pistol at another woman in an ongoing dispute. All of the shots missed, according to the report.